The Word and Creation

“All things were created through Him, and apart from Him not one thing was created that has been created. (4) In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. (5) That light shines in the darkness, and yet the darkness did not overcome it.” - John 1:3-5  

Concept Summary – Our invisible God makes everything visible.

Science fairs are almost completely dead in Ohio; it’s a rare school today that has them. Why? Because honestly, they are a ton of work! The major thing against you is inertia. You need to get the administration to get the gym scheduled, the fair is usually in February but the smart teacher gets it on the Calendar in August. So much work and praying to do!

Then you face the inertia of the kids. By encouraging and urging, sometimes with a lot of chocolate, you have to get them started and excited to do it. It usually took one week per teaching month of preparation to get them ready for the event. Oh, and during this time you’re showing the parents how to help their kids, too, dealing with teaching them how to help and not how to do the project for their kids. 

The darkness always pushes back. So many people don’t want the inconvenience. It’s a lot like swimming upstream against a strong current to pull these off successfully. But ahh, the results!  Science fair projects become a learning adventure to the kids. They find they actually can problem solve a project, and that prepares their minds for the real world to come. It benefits them in so many ways. Real science is teaching kids how to think, not how to memorize.

And then there’s the day of destiny, the science fair itself. After preparing the judges to be the kid’s cheerleaders, off they’d go and magic happens. Then, on the night of the fair you have your awards assembly. I can remember my most successful fair experience: about a thousand folks in the gym all hanging on my every word. Laughing at my jokes, cheering for the kids, it was awesome. Then, after it was over a lady sent her little boy over to me on the stage. He whispered, “Mr. Casner?” And I bent down, smiled and said “Yes?” To which he replied, “Your fly is down…”    

Ahh, science fairs. The darkness has almost prevailed against them, but with a good school you can still find them.

Today, our spotlight is focused on verse 5. Take a second and read it above again. There’s so much going on it that verse. Again, the knowledge of a little Greek is a good thing to get the understanding of John’s point. The word "light" is phaino, and it’s in the present tense. Meaning this: not only is Christ shining the light of life now, but He always has been, and always will be the light of God. Like a lighthouse in the mist, Jesus shines the light of life 24/7; all we need, all the time, across all of time.

Interesting enough, in Matthew 10:27, this light that shines in our souls should be what we shout from the rooftops. Jesus expects us to share the light He shares with us to others! Remember as the light transforms us in love, we get to share the wonder of Christ with others! The light never stops reflecting in our lives to our friends, families and culture.

So, the trick to discovering God is to embrace Christ. Everything we know about God comes from our relationship with Him.  Remember Jesus’ answer to Phillip in John 14:8-10? Jesus is the light of life, if you’ve seen Him you’ve seen the Father. Light and life are found in Him alone. Come to Christ and receive them both in full!