The Word and Creation

“All things were created through Him, and apart from Him not one thing was created that has been created.  (4) In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.  (5) That light shines in the darkness, and yet the darkness did not overcome it.” - John 1:3-5  

Concept Summary – Our invisible God makes everything visible.

Got into a spirited (Spirited?) discussion in my Grow Group one day. I mentioned that 2 years before my wife was struck with her fatal illness we’d made out a Living Trust. In it, we both had it recorded that in the event of our individual deaths, it was our wish to be cremated. Wow, with the mention of cremation, the class fireworks started!

I discovered to my surprise that a section of the class didn’t understand how God has made us. Right now, we’re two parts eternal and one part recyclable. Our souls and spirit are eternal; they’re the part that God made that is essentially “us." Our bodies, however, are a one shot deal that once the soul/spirit leave them they essentially get recycled. As Pastor John Hays has taught, we’re getting a really great replacement soon!

I mentioned that being a sailor, those of us who get our bodies “consigned to the deep” aren’t lost forever. Neither are those soldiers who get blown up or those marines that somehow end up in Michigan. (Marines in my experience have a lousy sense of direction. Takes the Navy to get them anywhere.) Bodies are kind of irrelevant.

Like the verses say above, the part of us that’s eternal was crafted by Jesus Himself. Our lives come from His, He’s the source of all life!


Oh my there is so much in these verses! They start with displaying Jesus as the sole creator of everything created and end with a triumphant shout that nothing can hold His light back. In the middle is something wonderful, that if you can see the truth hidden there, it is a massively great thing. Jesus is the light of men, the source of our life and the revealer of God. 

Let me unpack that for you. Ever talk to an unsaved person about some truth from the Bible and have them respond, “I just don’t see it?” Unregenerate people have a dead human spirit. Without being born again, they really can’t perceive spiritual truths. When we believe our human spirit is born again and suddenly we can see God acting in our lives! His light shines in our lives and we live in His spotlight for all eternity from that point on. Blind once, seeing now!

So, light and life are found in Christ alone. Remember the verses above when you talk to Jesus in prayer. His light surrounds us and guides us ever closer to Himself as we walk with Him on this journey we call life.