The Word and God

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  (2) He was with God in the beginning.” - John 1:1-2 

Concept Summary – Our visible invisible God.

One of the frustrating things about serving in submarines is that it’s not called Silent Service for naught. Almost everything we did was classified, and frankly, we can’t tell people about it. Wait for a good Tom Clancy sub movie if you really want a glimpse of our fun. There’s another reason, though, that telling others about our adventures is difficult: because folks really can’t relate. The only ones who can are those who lived the life too. They can relate because they’ve been there. They’ve experienced the agonies and the triumphs too.

One of the most fantastic aspects of Christ that we learn from the verses above is that they relate Him to the dimension of time. We live in the eternal “now."  Right now, you’re older than when you first read this… and now you’re older still! Time rules us with a tight grip, always progressing, never stationary. (Unless you fall off a building or something. I hear folks see their whole lives flash by them as they fall… but I digress.)

Jesus exists outside of time is what the verses above describe. Time actually is one of His creations. As God, Jesus being eternal is one of the big lessons above. And the gospel of John starts out with His timelessness and then describes what happened when He stepped into time, for us.


There actually are a few places in the Bible where God has drawn back the curtain of eternity and given us glimpses of what They did before creation was ever created. One of those places is theologically called “the council before creation,” and it’s seen in Ephesians 1:3-6. We discover that we were the focus of God’s attention before anything physical was ever made. Wrap your mind around that one for a bit. 

The Father in that passage is introduced as the great planner. He’s behind the plan of redemption that Jesus followed to save us. It says that the Father predestined those of us who believe to be saved through Christ to Himself. All the agony that Jesus had to experience to satisfy the eternal wrath of God for our sins was planned out by the Father and joyfully embraced by the Son to save us before the world was ever made. That’s what they talked about "in the beginning."

This knowledge really helps me as I face the challenges of living for Jesus today. Every challenge we face, Jesus has the answers. You see, They’ve experienced the agonies and the triumphs too.  They’re timeless…