The Word and God

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (2) He was with God in the beginning”. - John 1:1-2 


Concept Summary – Our visible invisible God.


My daughters came to saving faith when they both were around 7 and 8. They knew enough by that time about Jesus to know that He took their deserved punishment on Himself and now, because of the cross, they were saved and accepted by God. As you can expect, as time went on we had lots of discussions. One time, I was driving them somewhere on the freeway and one of them asked, “What’s God look like?” Fortunately, I stayed in my lane and scrambled in my mind to answer her. I replied, “Well, Jesus is God and became a man in order to die in our place. God looks like Jesus.” Got an “oh” with that, whew!

Then the other one asked, “How do you know He’s God?” I recounted today’s passage to her describing the God side of Jesus. I ended the discussion with, “Jesus is both totally a man and totally God at the same time, cool, huh?” and got an “oh” with that. Whew! Kids are so wonderful; they always have impeccable timing as to when to ask the deep questions.    


There are lots of doctrines (teachings) in the Bible, but none so important as understanding the dual nature of Jesus Christ. He’s both totally God and, in His humanity, totally man. It’s the bedrock foundational teaching that everything else rests on. Understanding Jesus is critical. In Philippians chapter 2, we read about Jesus becoming a man, and in today’s passage we see Jesus introduced with His divinity on display. 

So, what is the Spirit through the writer John trying to get us to grasp here? Through reading Ephesians 1, Hebrews 1, and this passage, the point is made that Jesus is the eternal one who existed as God with the Father and the Spirit before the creation of the Universe. In Colossians 1, we learn that all things were made by Jesus. He’s the author of the act of creation, responding to the Father’s great plan. Here we learn that Jesus is “very God of very God” as our forefather’s told it. He wasn’t created; in fact He’s the creator! He preexisted all that is seen.

So how should this knowledge affect us? When we accepted Jesus’s work on the cross to save us, we entered into an alive relationship with Him! He’s alive within us now, and we live by faith in Him, growing to understand Him more every day. Our lives are adventures in grace as our love for Him grows in proportion to our understanding of Him who loves us best!