This Christmas, we encourage you to care for others throughout the month.

This guide will give you a new idea each day, but it's just that - a guide. Feel free to change things up or complete any of these items at any time throughout the month.

We would love to see how you're caring for people, so take photos as you go and either post them on social media using the hashtag #jerseychristmas or email them to (they might even be displayed around the church!).

December 1
Compliment someone

December 2
Plan how you can help someone with yard work (leaves/snow/etc.).

December 3
Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.

December 4
Arrange a trip to a senior center or healthcare facility to visit some of the senior members of our Jersey family. Contact the church office for a list of people to visit.

December 5
Leave a generous tip for your server.

December 6
Pray for your kids and/or grandkids today. You could also pray for the children in your neighborhood.

December 7
Offer to help a friend or family member with their gift wrapping.

December 8
Babysit for a parent or guardian who needs a night out.

December 9
Pray for a family member today.

December 10
Surprise a neighbor with freshly baked treats. (And if you can't bake, store-bought treats work too! It's the thought that counts.)

December 11
Invite someone to Christmas Eve services. (We've got an e-invite that you can download and text or email to your friends and family at!)

December 12
Pray for your co-worker(s) today.

December 13
Donate some gently used clothes and toys to someone in need.

December 14
Host a family game night.

December 15
Write someone a letter and send it to them in the mail. (Yes, the old-fashioned way.)

December 16
Invite a friend or family over for dinner.

December 17
You know that person you haven't invited to Christmas Eve services yet? It's not too late! Send them an invite today.

December 18
Send a gratitude or encouragement email to a co-worker.

December 19
Pray for a specific person throughout your day.

December 20
Put away your phone and spend some quality time with someone.

December 21
Leave a gift for your mail carrier.

December 22
Pray for our missionaries overseas.

December 23
Be a courteous driver. Let someone merge in front of you.

December 24
Pray that God would move in the lives of people at Christmas Eve services across Central Ohio (and beyond).

December 25
Wish your family and friends a Merry Christmas and tell them you love them.